Commitment to Products商品のこだわり

We offer a small selection of carefully crafted products with the goal of providing delicious food that can be enjoyed even 20 or 30 years from now. We create our products with the hope that children enjoy them, and that they will continue to do so even as they grow older.


We have added Kamakura’s secret blending to precious domestic warabi powder.A chewy texture that cannot be achieved with bracken starch alone,it melts in your mouth and goes down smooth.It requires advanced skills of kneading of craftsmen in order to create a melting texture.


Kamakura’s Homemade Kuromitsu is made exclusively with black sugar from Okinawa Prefecture, without adding any corn syrup or sugar syrup, to bring out only the deliciousness of black sugar.


We use carefully selected and high-quality kinako abundantly. Our kinako is roasted at a higher temperature and for a longer time than regular kinako, resulting in a deep and rich flavor that highlights the natural taste of kinako.



We have tried various matcha from all over the country, and among them, the Asakawaen matcha we are currently using has the best compatibility, therefore, we continue to use it. It is highly fragrant, slightly bitter, and has a very vivid color.


Kamakura Brend

We have created a unique original blend coffee that emphasizes the deliciousness of “Kamakura Warabi Mochi.” Our blend is carefully crafted to balance the scent, richness, acidity, and bitterness in a circular pattern. “We use Probat’s roaster, a German company which maximizes the deliciousness of the coffee” In Europe, where the cafe culture is developing, it has the top market share, and is famous for its high-quality roasting machines.

Warabimochi Drink

This special warabimochi drink is made with our proud “Kamakura Warabimochi” and carefully selected ingredients. We also offer limited-edition drinks that match the season.

Commitment to Store Designお店づくりのこだわり

We create stores that are bright, clean, and welcoming to a wide range of customers. The red circle in the lower left corner of our logo is inspired by a Japanese umbrella. With that image, a long-established Kyowa umbrella store in Kyoto that has been in business for 160 years makes our umbrellas for lighting for us, everything hand-made . We are committed to providing our customers with unique and high-quality items that reflect traditional Japanese craftsmanship.



Originally used to prevent large works or works placed in a “saya” (a type of kiln shelf) from sticking together, Hidasuki is created by placing straw in between or wrapping it around the pottery before firing it. The components in the straw and the iron in the clay undergo a chemical reaction, resulting in a bright scarlet line known as “Hidasuki.”

Bizen Ware

Bizen ware is a type of pottery made by shaping each piece from high-quality clay, allowing it to dry, and then firing it without painting or glazing, resulting in pottery that showcases the natural texture of the clay.


Kyoto Hiyoshiya

How can we share with everyone, the gentle light that shines through the washi paper when a Kyoto umbrella is held up to the sun, and the beauty of the bamboo frame which is created by the geometric patterns? After much exploration, we arrived at “Kotozato”. It is a simple and fresh lighting design that draws on the traditional beauty passed down for five generations in the ancient capital of Kyoto since the late Edo period.

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